Friday, March 11, 2011

Watch watch

So I've been wearing two watches for two months now, mostly just to see what people would say. Know what people have said? Nothing. Nothing at all. Not a single person has made a comment. I think I've caught a couple of people noticing, but mostly I think we pay so little attention to each other that most people don't even realize that there is anything different.

Also, I got a paper accepted to a conference someplace really nice, which is a first for me. The best I've ever done before was Tampa. Typically I end up going to Dallas, or Alabama somewhere. I won't say exactly where this one is, but they have poi. And our President claims he was born there. My ex-wife was also born there. I guess no place is perfect.


  1. this inspires me. today? i begin wearing my undercrackers on the outside of my clothes. will keep you posted...

    congrats on the boondoggle and welcome to my world. it's nice. those hotel meeting places provide cookies in the afternoon that are as big as your head.

  2. To be fair, when you're wearing a long-sleeve shirt, it's not always easy to see the watches. I'm just sayin'.

  3. You want people to pay attention to you? OK, I know that you don't especially want that, but even so...Live in a small village. I can assure you that in a village, people will notice if an eyebrow hair is out of place.

  4. One on each wrist, or two on one wrist? Let's make it two on one and see what happens.