Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Oh, sweet mystery of life

Anyone who has been paying even a little attention knows that my life has been sweet beyond imagining. From the beginning, I have enjoyed good love, good fortune, and good health. Practically every dream I've had has come true, with opportunities to find new ones and fulfill them. What challenges and misadventures I have had were generally the type that befall most of us. And while I didn't enjoy the 80's as much as the rest, my days now are more enjoyable and fulfilling than I think they have ever been.

So why then do I seem to feel the need to find one disappointing aspect of my life and dwell on it, sometimes to the point of letting my dissatisfaction obstruct my enjoyment of all that I have? It's one of the grand mysteries of the universe. And by universe I mean the one with me at the center. To make matters worse, it is often the same issue recurring, which assures me that the fault is my own.

It's a small albatross, as such things go. A tiny pendant, really. At a time when the level of suffering that others endure is so plain before me, I am ashamed to even consider it. On good days I assume that the restlessness and mostly benign ambition that drives me to be a serial dreamer also keeps me from ever being totally contented. In less charitable moods I feel like a sort of defective, self-created Tantalus, full and surrounded by sustenance, but never satiated.

If you're getting tired of listening to an obviously over-priveliged white guy wax morose about his self-imposed misfortune, you're not alone. It was the same reaction that prompted me to write this post. But it will get better. It always does.


  1. Even the best cars in the world get a puncture sometimes, and when they do, it's no consolation knowing that other people have to catch the bus...

  2. from one of my imaginary friends who live inside my computer (like you): “It’s easier to forget about all the hungry homeless people when they don’t have their noses pressed up against the restaurant window. Even when they do, it’s impossible to ignore the fly in your soup…”

    it's ok. you're human. stop the self-abuse. you know what i mean...

  3. Dreamers and creative types have it the worst, I'm afraid. Bring on da funk.
    Who said a life not self-examined isn't much of a life? (Paraphrasing here)...and BTW? We love you anyway...