Friday, January 16, 2009

Fun with Google Image

I think we've all been surprised at one time or another by the results we get from Google Image searches, like the time my wife typed in "discipline dog collar" to try to find a product to help control her unruly pooch. This can lead to literally hours of entertainment if in the proper frame of mind. Personally, my mind runs too much on the tracks to think of typing in "angel butt" or "church dress". But this doesn't mean I can't have fun with Google Image Search myself. Even those of us who are creatively challenged can enjoy this great (and relatively low cost) entertainment, thanks to the chaotic wonder of the Internet.

So try this for fun. Type in your birth date, or your name or hometown, or the street you grew up on and your first pet. Practically anything will do to get the game started.

Once you find something interesting, type that back in as the search term. I mean, how else are you ever going to learn about pansy rings? (I'm actually surprised I didn't get something completely different for "pansy ring".)

This reentrant search technique is sort of the solitaire version of a word association game -- except with pictures -- and can really take you some places you never in a million years thought you would end up. It's not really limited to images, and it's fun for the whole family as long as your SafeSearch parameters are set properly. I got a picture of some stuff in a dishwasher just now that I will spend a good part of the weekend trying to drink out of my brain.

Anyway, enjoy. I guess the real question is how many different terms will you type before you get a picture of Kevin Bacon?

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