Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me

I was tagged by the raging "25 Things" disease on Facebook (yes, I am exactly that cool) and decided to repost here, since it is easy.

1. I was born the same day as Heavy D.
2. I have no particular distinguishing physical characteristics.
3. I had six wisdom teeth.
4. I lived in Iowa for 18 months once. It seemed like much longer.
5. When I describe myself as "laid back" to most people, heads nod. When I say the same thing to family and close friends they laugh at me.
6. My first real job was at Dairy Queen, where I used to make out with Nancy Jacuzzi in the walk-in cooler. (Yes, those Jacuzzi’s)
7. I am afraid of heights. Not like being inside of tall buildings or airplanes, but ladders and roofs and things from which I can fall.
8. I was a roadie for a time. I took this job partially to face my fear of heights.
9. I sold waterbeds. I took that job partially to understand people better.
10. I owned a fireworks stand.
11. There really aren’t very many people I don’t like.
12. I love to cook. Especially bread.
13. I can drive for a long time without getting tired.
14. All of my hair fell out one time. (See #4)
15. I love music. I have zero talent for it.
16. When I was a kid there was a cemetery behind my house where they buried people from the state psychiatric hospital. I walked through it every day on the way to and from school.
17. All of my siblings are redheads.
18. So is the woman who has my virginity.
19. So is my wife. I try not to think about this very much.
20. I am definitely a cat person.
21. I keep fish.
22. I like fire.
23. All my ex’s live in Texas.
24. I watch entirely too much tv.
25. The first song I remember hearing on the radio is "Last Kiss" by Wayne Cochran & the C.C. Riders.

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