Tuesday, April 3, 2012


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It started on Sunday, when I half-watched a story on television about the Wrigley company. After 36 hours or so, the only thing that pushed the Big Red® song out of my head was getting rick rolled by the other Chris. Since then, between quietly reviewing all of the things I'm never going to do, I've been wondering about these deep, annoying ruts we make in our brains.  Where do they come from? Why are they so persistent? How come I can't remember why I have an airline ticket from December, but I can instantly recall a song I haven't heard since I was in elementary school? That I don't even like. And while we're on the subject, why is it that I can barely tell  you what book I'm currently reading, much less what is happening in the story, but all of that context will magically come back to me within a few seconds of opening the cover (or firing up the Kindle) and beginning to read?

We love to believe that we are completely in control of our minds (or should be), but I suspect the reality is practically the opposite. The other evening, Biscuit and I were discussing the varying sizes of of takeout containers provided by one of our go-to restaurants, and the relative ease or difficulty with which these can be encased in more airtight containers for leftover storage.* She remarked (quite innocently, apparently), "Yours was pretty small this time, and slid in quite easily."

"That's what she said!" was out of my mouth before she finished speaking, and I probably would not have been able to resist saying it had we been at a Nobel prize award banquet.** Sadly, she was in the kitchen with the dishwasher running, and I had to repeat myself until the moment had passed.

I have theories about all this, of course, but I would rather hear what someone else thinks. Anyone? Anyone?  Beuller? See what I did there?

Oh, crap! The Big Red® thing is back.  ♪So, kiss a little longer...♫

* It's a constant party at our house.

** I suspect this is from that "lack of breeding" that the upper classes are always going on about. I think I had a fundamental misunderstanding about what this phrase meant when I was younger, and worked very hard toward a completely different goal.


  1. Brains are a funny thing. Mine is constantly reminding me that I'm not the one running the show - and I'm less than half your age. (So no comments about it being an 'old' thing. Not that you're old. I mean...) I just wrote about something similar a few weeks ago.

    Also, fun fact: James' super power is getting songs stuck in your head. It's uncanny. He does it to me several times a week, and I've repeatedly seen other people suffer from the undeniable might of his seemingly pointless but incredibly annoying special ability. He has the ability to get songs stuck in my head I didn't even realize I had ever heard. No lie.

  2. Thanks for the laugh....brings back lots of memories -- uh oops that's what she said -- tee hee. Funny post

  3. damn you for "Big Red". i now have to revert to my standard "Ear Worm Removal" tactic to rid it from my brain before sleep.

    Sing the words to "Amazing Grace" to the tune of the "Gilligan's Island" theme song. It works. If you are good? You can do it the other way, too...

    wait. what was the question?

  4. Every morning, every single morning, I have some kind of weird earworm song in my head that I haven't heard in years. It's like my brain wants to remind me that I am not in complete control. Today? "Sweetheart" by Frankie and the Knockouts.

  5. "That's what she said." Hilarious, I am so going to steal it. We always said, "Said the actress to the bishop." Which many people simply don't get.