Sunday, May 1, 2011

Movie Sunday Back Next Week

Sorry, but we've been too tied up with home improvement projects this week to watch movies. Though we did see The King's Speech last night. It was good, even though I couldn't stop looking at Geoffrey Rush's nose. And I think living with Tim Burton is making Helena Bonham Carter even more strange than she was before, in a good way. It's probably doing wonders for him, too.

Okay, so we'll make this week's movie The King's Speech. See it if you haven't. I think it may have won some sort of award.

This will all be worth it when the painting is done.


  1. I loved this movie so much (what a surprise, hey?) I came home from the matinee and put it in the Netflix lineup immediately...watching it last week I was pleased I enjoyed it as much the second time around. I went to "Water for Elephants" with a friend last week -- loved the book -- it was a brilliant adaptation. That 'twilight' guy can really act -- who knew -- I thought he was just a pretty of the home improvements, please...

  2. Haven't seen it yet, but I have seen Sucker Punch and it made me want to murder. So that's something.