Wednesday, November 10, 2010

And then this happened

So, Biscuit took the week off to paint the outside of our house this week. Because life is a constant party at our place. Normally, she's in the house when I leave for work, and I lock her in. Yesterday she was outside the house when I left, and -- you guessed it -- I locked her out. I'm really only about two percent conscious anymore, I think. Everything else I do happens without any real participation on my part.

Luckily, our neighbor was home, so at about lunchtime, when she realized that she was shut out of the house without keys or phone, she was able to call from his house. I was in meetings both times she called, and couldn't answer. And since it's a number I don't recognize, I wasn't going to just call it back. That's not a problem, of course, since she left messages both times she called. So, another thing I learned yesterday is that my phone hasn't been getting voicemail for ... well, I don't know how long. Thanks, [name of phone company withheld because I would like for my wife to continue working there.]

So, long story short, we realized we don't talk much during a normal day. I did e-mail her once to tell her that I would be late getting home, since my boss has this persistent belief that it's okay to schedule meetings at 4:30 in the afternoon. And I called on my way home to find out how the wine was holding out. I was on the verge of getting annoyed with her for ignoring me.

If anyone needs any further proof that this is the person I was destined to share my life with, look no further than the fact that, after a shower and a glass of wine, she was not really even mad. Or maybe she's just biding her time. Either way, this is a woman you have to respect.

Oh, and I'm taking suggestions on a good place to hide a key.


  1. Noting your tags here, I'm glad I didn't tell you to have a nice day yesterday. Cause I totally almost did. :-p

  2. What an asshole (haha- I said it for D/B)...senile so cures all ills...

  3. You know, maybe you could "give" her a key? :)

  4. ya know, i think I love Biscuit! she paints the house AND doesn't melt down when her husband executes a few minor bonehead maneuvers?

    a goddess!

  5. A key should be hidden right outside the back door in a bucket full of keys. As I work in property management, I can ship you these keys at cost. Let me know.

  6. @Jane: Good call. I was much more upset than I would have been had our positions been reversed.

    @Wye: Thanks for that.

    @Pueblo: We don't really want our women-folk just coming and going as they please. Actually, it took a little self-restraint not to mention that she might want to have a key with her. But I've been married before, so I knew how big of a mistake that would be.

    @daisyfae: I know, right?

    @JMH: That is a brilliant idea! And the best part is that I think I probably have enough keys to pull it off. I've gathered a lot of keys over the years, now they could have a purpose.