Saturday, August 14, 2010

The real road stories

In a previous post, I mentioned my old friend who became an over the road truck driver. Within a few days of writing that post I discovered that John is writing a blog of his own. And it's excellent. I'm not surprised. His father was quite eloquent -- in a Tennessee Ernie Ford sort of way -- and John always had a way with a story.

Road Notes is definitely good reading, especially if you've ever spent time on the highway. Check it out if you like good writing.


  1. Will check him out -- thought Tennessee Ernie was a singer...

  2. p.s. -- re your comment on my blog, since you probably look better than their p's and are older your students are no doubt marveling over your age and relieved to know they can still 'have it goen' on...'

  3. HEY, thanks for stopping by my blog. I love new visitors. I also love new sites and learn alot from everyone. New laughs, new horrors, different views perhaps from mine, but always gives me stuff to "think" about.
    I'll check out your friend.
    and I read your post below.........that was really good. I watched the first tv broadcast of the walk on the moon.......I think I am older then you.
    crap, I am older then most people it seems these days.
    but still hot.......(tee,hee)

  4. Amy: this is why you are one of my favorite people.

    Wendy: Thanks for stopping by. I really like your blog. I will be back. You may be a little wiser than me, but only by a few years.