Thursday, July 1, 2010

Home improvement

I haven't really felt bloggy much lately. For one thing, I'm writing pretty seriously for work at the moment, and it takes most of my mental focus. That is, when I'm not drinking wine and watching movies. There's also a fairly traumatic family thing going on these days. I started to write about that, but I don't think I will.

About the only creative thing I've managed to do lately is to make up a word during a most awesome movie we watched the other night. The word is "eurotard." Yeah, I was pretty proud of it, myself.* If I had any patience I would wait for a suitable situation to use it, instead of just tossing it out there like a sweaty black turtleneck. But I don't. So I did.

Things might be looking up, though. This weekend, the wife and I are planning to replace some really large, really old windows in the house. I'm thinking we may get some pictures of serious destruction, and maybe even have a story of a trip to the emergency room. Or two.

Happy Independence Day!

* I know I'm not the first person to think of it. I can google like everyone else. Better than some. But I'm pretty sure I haven't heard it before, so I'm keeping it. Also, I think it's brilliant that there is a line of dance clothing with that name.


  1. you can absolutely claim any word you create that you've never heard before. i claim "Research-tard", and the phrase "he puts the 'double e' in 'geek".

    here's to productive destruction.

  2. So I will Netflix queue up that movie immediately. Immediately.

  3. I love that word- I'm totally going to try and work it into conversation today. I may even steer any possible conversations in ways that make it easier for me to throw in a "eurotard".

  4. @daisyfae: I'm afraid I may be a research-tard sometimes.

    @Wonder: no ER trips so far. I will post pics when the new glass is in.

    @ Rassles: I will be interested in your impressions. I still haven't decided whether to give the movie one or four stars.

    @Whiskeymarie: Thanks. I was pretty happy with it. I use it to describe people who are made to look idiotic because of bad dubbing translations. Or at least I hope that's why they look idiotic.