Monday, October 12, 2009

I've never really done this kind of thing before

I don't think I can link to another man's blog in two posts in a row without feeling like we're cellmates and he has the top bunk, if you know what I mean and I think you do. But I'm going to have to do it anyway. Because despite the fact that The Wobbler tried to get me to start blogging as far back as 2003, and The Wife implicitly encouraged me with her near-obsession with reading blogs -- often aloud -- a couple of years back, it was Johnny Virgil's post about the 1977 JC Penney catalog that finally got me interested in reading blogs, and eventually starting one of my own. Really, it's one of the funniest things I've ever read.

So when a Facebook friend posted this picture from his weekend newspaper circular,

I knew I wouldn't be able to let it pass. It's good to know that JCP is still helping losers get their asses kicked after all these years. I guess Every Day Matters because you never know how long you are going to last wearing their clothes.


  1. Wait.....didn't you have a suit like #1 in high school....?? Could've sworn......

  2. why don't more men carry their briefcases like footballs? (*swoon*)

  3. The middle guy is cool. You know how I know that? Because he's got his sleeve pushed up. So cool.

  4. Oh, that last guy. But then, you DO know... Geeks rule the world now, right? Lol