Tuesday, July 7, 2009


So I'm up at two-o'frakking-clock in the frakking morning (sorry, Rassles brought up Cylons earlier) with a case of insomnia, mostly induced by middle age interacting with overindulgence in cheap and plentiful Mexican food, but probably enhanced by a rapidly approaching paper submission deadline, in the midst of writing what is undoubtedly the longest sentence I have ever constructed for a blog post, and one which is almost certainly too long for the medium and definitely too long for the taste of most grammar checkers, and I'm wondering what to do next. I've been up for a couple of hours, and the feeling of being an overstuffed burrito (we are what we eat, you know) has mostly passed. I could probably lie down and might even sleep eventually, but I am not the least bit sleepy.

While I'm weighing the relative merits of trying to get back to bed or powering through the night until the inevitable crash at about the time I'm supposed to get up, I hear the coffeemaker signal that it is finished brewing. This is a suprise to me, as I have not (intentionally) made any coffee. See, what had happened was our power went out during one of the storms today and we have one of those coffeemakers that comes on automatically because neither the wife nor I are to be trusted with dangerous and complex tasks like measuring and pouring when we first get up in the morning. So the clock on the coffeemaker never got reset, the countdown began, and voila! Mmmm, coffee. Decision made. This is going to cost me later today.

I guess I will see what's on TV. I can probably learn how to make a fortune, rid myself of acne and enhance that certain part of a man's body all before the sun comes up.

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  1. but without billy mays? you still have a shot of getting back to sleep...